March 2019

News & Press

WTR 1000 named FROSS ZELNICK Trademark Litigation Firm of the Year in the United States for 2019. The firm was also ranked in the top tier nationally and in New York. The publication lauded the firm as “simply the best,” noting “there is nothing the firm cannot do for a brand” and commending the firm’s “tremendous team spirit,” with each practitioner being “impeccably trained, steeped in the law and extremely practical.” Seventeen Fross Zelnick attorneys were specifically mentioned: LARRY APOLZON (“a top name in the music industry”), CARA BOYLE and CRAIG MENDE (“give clients a start-to-finish service”), CARLOS CUCURELLA and ALLISON STRICKLAND RICKETTS (“superb on international portfolio management”), DAVID DONAHUE (“litigates in the spotlight without flinching”), SUSAN UPTON DOUGLASS (“a role model for all lawyers” and “simply amazing”), DAVID EHRLICH (“sage counsellor”), LYDIA GOBENA (“in hot demand among fashion and luxury clients”), JANET HOFFMAN (“global clearance supremo and international protection and enforcement ace”), NADINE JACOBSON (“super-smart and meticulous”), RICHARD LEHV (“specialist expertise” in litigation), JOHN MARGIOTTA (“does rock-solid work”), PETER SILVERMAN (“supervis[es] worldwide protection efforts for a prominent player in the wine and spirits industry”), BARBARA SOLOMON (“smart, direct and very formidable”), JAMES WEINBERGER (“the most efficient and practical person you could possibly choose”), and ROGER ZISSU (“fabulous copyright lawyer”).

SUSAN UPTON DOUGLASS was awarded the 2018 Trademarks – Lawyer of the Year – USA award from Lawyer Monthly.

CRAIG MENDE served as a judge at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition East Regional Oral Arguments held February 9, 2019 at the U.S. Courthouse for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn, where top teams from law schools in the Eastern U.S. argued an appeal in a hypothetical case concerning trademark rights in a videogame character.

JULIA BELAGORUDSKY spoke at the University of Geneva’s “Yearly Conference on Intellectual Property” on February 14, 2019. The conference, organized by the university’s Faculty of Law with support from INTA, was dedicated to 3D trademarks and other non-traditional trademarks. Julia focused her discussion on the legal requirements for protection of non-traditional trademarks in the United States and discussed recent examples demonstrating both successful and unsuccessful applications to protect various types of non-traditional trademarks.