September 2018

News & Press

FROSS ZELNICK was named Best USA IP Firm: Trademarks at the 2018 ILASA International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards in New York.

THE BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA© 2019 edition continued the publication’s long history of recognizing Fross Zelnick lawyers. ROGER ZISSU, included since 1991, is listed in the Copyright Law and Litigation-Intellectual Property categories; RICHARD LEHV, included since 2007, is listed in the Litigation-Intellectual Property, Copyright Law, and Trademark Law categories; ALLISON STRICKLAND RICKETTS, included since 2015, is listed in Trademark Law; and JOHN MARGIOTTA and CRAIG MENDE, both included since 2016, are listed for Copyright Law and Litigation-Intellectual Property, respectively.

After a seven-year battle before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, DAVID DONAHUE and JASON JONES prevailed on behalf of client UMG Recordings, Inc. (“UMG”)—owner of the JACKSON 5 trademark—in its challenge to an attempt to register the mark J5 for clothing and related merchandise by Siggy Music, Inc., a company owned by original Jackson 5 musical group member Sigmund Esco “Jackie” Jackson. In a lengthy decision dated July 19, 2018, the Board confirmed that UMG, as successor to Motown Records, owned the JACKSON 5 trademark as well as its functional equivalents, including the short form J5. It further held that UMG’s JACKSON 5 trademark is “famous” and “commercially strong” and that Siggy Music’s use and registration of J5 would likely cause confusion in the marketplace.

FROSS ZELNICK welcomes the following associates: JULIA BELAGORUDSKY (J.D. Fordham University, B.A. Brandeis University) joined our U.S. group on June 4, 2018. MIRIAM KAVALERCHIK (J.D. Brooklyn Law School, B.A. College of Charleston) and JOSEPH GERBER (J.D. Fordham University, B.A. Boston University) joined our International group on June 25, 2018 and June 26, 2018 respectively. And SYDNEY KIPEN (J.D. Fordham University, B.A. New York University) joined our Litigation group on July 9, 2018.