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Fross Zelnick joins the (PRODUCT) RED Revolution

When Fross Zelnick was first approached by The Persuaders, LLC, an entity organized by prominent individuals to raise funds for charitable good, it was the beginning of an interesting series of challenges. The result is the launch of one of the most ambitious global cross-branding and licensing programs ever undertaken -- (PRODUCT) RED-- designed to raise funds to invest in African AIDS programs with an emphasis on women and children. Since its inception, over $25 million has been generated for the Global Fund by (PRODUCT) RED partner brands in connection with this effort.

From the outset, the goal was to establish a fundraising initiative through the creation of a new global brand that partnered with internationally-famous brands, such as Gap, Apple, American Express, Emporio Armani, Converse and Motorola, to create products from which a portion of profits would be directed to the Global Fund. To accomplish this, a brand was developed that would be licensed to each partner. In turn, each partner was to create a wide-range of consumer products and services which incorporated the new global brand and invest significant marketing dollars to support those lines and support the fundraising initiative of the Persuaders.

Advising on the worldwide adoption, use, protection, and enforcement of any brand is a challenge these days. But in this case, where so many parties and interests were involved and such a broad range of goods and services was of interest, the challenge transformed itself into an opportunity to become involved in a revolutionary marketing concept.

Fross Zelnick was committed to helping The Persuaders make all of this happen. With its considerable U.S. and international brand management expertise and its extensive network of contacts with the foremost trademark firms and attorneys in foreign countries, Fross Zelnick went to work on the details of the brand strategy, clearance, usage, protection and management over a very broad commercial and geographic spectrum. The task also required advising on the appropriate balance to be maintained between the project’s brands, the brands of the supporters and the co-branding effort so that the unique and important identity of all involved would be maintained and undiminished and that the vital humanitarian mission that was everyone’s goal would be conveyed to the public. Fross Zelnick attorneys provided strategic advice to clear the way for the launch and protection of the new brands and continues to work with The Persuaders as the project evolves.

Access the (Product) Red website www.joinred.com