Breaking New Ground in Character Rights
The Batmobile Stands on its Own
DC Comics obtained a decision in which a U.S. district court held that Batman’s famous Batmobile...
Extending a Trademark's Boundaries
Tarzan's Yell Resounds
Fross Zelnick has crafted innovative strategies to protect clients' most valuable intellectual...
Uniting Global Brands for the Cause
Fross Zelnick joins the (PRODUCT) RED Revolution
Launching of one of the most ambitious global cross-branding and licensing programs ever undertaken.
Expanding a Prestigious Brand Into New Territory
Tiffany Sparkles in Russia
As Tiffany expanded into Russia during the last several years, it sought measures to further...
Preserving Royalty Rights In a Treasured Icon
Winnie-the-Pooh Goes to Court
Fross Zelnick succeeds after three years of court challenges at every level, including the U.S....
Restoring U.S. Copyright Protection for Iconic Doll
The "Good Luck Troll" Trounces Knock-Offs
Fross Zelnick helps the "Good Luck Troll" creators to restore copyright protection in the U.S. and...

Recognition & Rankings

Roger Zissu Delivers Copyright Society of the U.S.A.'s Annual Donald C. Brace Memorial Lecture

Roger Zissu delivered the Copyright Society of the U.S.A.'s annual Donald C. Brace Memorial Lecture on November 17, 2016, joining an impressive list of judges, professors, and practitioners who have been selected to give this lecture in prior years. His talk, "Expanding Fair Use: The Trouble with Parody, the Case for Satire," urges the acceptance of satire as a positive purpose for the unauthorized use of a copyrighted work in fair use evaluation under Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act.


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Fross Zelnick receives National Tier 1 ranking in both Copyright and Trademark Law, and Metropolitan Tier 1 for New York City in Copyright, Litigation - Intellectual Property, and Trademark Law from the 2017 U.S. News - Best Lawyers® "Best Law Firms." Visit Site >>
Described by the publication as “outstanding” and noted for its “full spectrum of trial, appellate and TTAB litigation,” as well as its “U.S. trademark prosecution expertise,” special mention was made of firm attorneys, Cara Boyle, David Donahue, David Ehrlich, Mark Engelmann, Richard Lehv, Laura Popp-Rosenberg, Barbara Solomon, and James Weinberger. Included in the “leading lawyers” list were Roger Zissu for Intellectual Property – Copyright, Barbara Solomon for Intellectual Property – Trademarks – Litigation, David Ehrlich and Mark Engelmann for Intellectual Property – Trademarks – non-contentious. Visit Site >>
In addition to the Tier 1 designation for Copyright and Trademark Law in the U.S., and Tier 1 in Copyright and Trademark Law and Intellectual Property Litigation in New York by The Best Lawyers in America, partners, Richard Lehv, John Margiotta, Craig Mende, Allison S. Ricketts and Roger Zissu, were selected to the 2017 Best Lawyers List. Visit Site >>

Recent Cases

DC Comics v. Mad Engine, Inc.
Frida Kahlo Corporation v. Tupperware Corporation
Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. v. Akea, LLC
Athleta, Inc. v. Pitbull Clothing Co.
Solid 21, Inc. v. Hublot of America